Project Description

Esthetician Program – (1000 Hours)

The Esthetician program consists of 1000 hours of theory and practical training in the arts and sciences of facials, make-up applications, body treatments, hair removal, retailing, equipment care, business management, etc.


  1. To develop a knowledge, understanding, skill, and appreciation in the theory and operation of cosmetology arts & sciences.
  2. To develop habits of good workmanship and the orderly performance of various tasks in the work environment.
  3. Protect health, safety, and welfare of the public and the workforce.
  4. To learn to select wisely, care for, and user properly commercial products that are related to the application of treatments.
  5. To promote mutual esteem, goodwill, harmony and cooperation with professional and related organizations.
  6. To help the student to prepare for the state board examinations in order to obtain a license to practice.
  7. To prepare students for entry-level jobs in their demanding workforce.


All Students:
Tuesday & Wednesday
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Course # Course Name Required Hours
Junior Level (1 – 450 Hours)
ESTH 110 Introduction to the Beauty Industry 75
ESTH 120 Safety & Chemistry 125
ESTH 130 Professional Ethics 25
ESTH 140 Introduction to Skin Sciences 225
Senior Level (451 – 1000 Hours)
ESTH 200 Advanced Skin Sciences 95
ESTH 310 Body Treatments 75
ESTH 320 Facial Treatments & Massages 115
ESTH 330 Make-Up Techniques 90
ESTH 340 Hair Removal Techniques 75
ESTH 350 Spa/Salon Management 75
ESTH 360 Business Practices 25
Total Hours Required 1000


Area Applications
Body Treatments 75
Facials 115
Make-Up 90
Lips, Chin, & Face Wax 40
Leg Wax 5
Bikini Wax 20
Brow Tweezing 30
Brow Waxing 30
Brow/Lash Tinting 5
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